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IM Client Branding

Get instant messengers customized with your company logo

Branding allows to place your company logo in the IM client applications. This will make instant messengers customized and also lets associate an URL with the logo.

Uploading company/brand logo on the IM server to display it the instant messaging clients

When you already uploaded a brand logo on the server then the Branding view shows a small preview of the uploaded image and associated URL.

To upload a new logo click the Upload new brand logo to open the upload dialog box.

Uploading company logo

Click Browse... button to select an image file to upload. You can upload only images in bitmap (*.BMP) format. Please note that the image will be resized to 100x30 pixels (depends on a version) to be properly shown in the client-side messengers.

You can also associate an URL that will be open when a user clicks on the brand logo in the messenger. That URL can be link to Internet/Intranet website (started with http://, https:// or www. string), to a network computer (started with \\) or to a local file (strarted with file://).

Click Upload button to upload selected image on the server. Uploaded company logo will be transferred and shown in the client messengers on their next startup.

A simple preview shows how the uploaded logo will be shown in the messaging clients. The brand logo is shown in titles of all dialog boxes and windows of the messenger.