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IServerClientVB::SendMessageTypingEvent method

Sends an instant notification to a remote user if message for him is being typed. The recipient will receive and see "User is typing message..." or other similar notification event in his IM client.

Public Sub SendMessageTypingEvent(     ByRef MessageTyping As VBMessageTypingStruct,     ByRef ResultCode As UInteger )


[in] Variable of VBMessageTypingStruct structure that contains information on the instant notification.
[out] Variable of UInteger type that gets an extended code if error result is returned. For available codes see Available Extended Codes topic.

Return Value

The function was successful. Check ResultCode variable to get extended information.
One or more arguments are incorrect.
Some error occurred in the function. Check ResultCode variable to get extended information on the error.


Delivery of message typing event can be disabled on the IM server so it is required to check that VBEstablishFlag.TypingEventDisabled flag is not set returned by IServerClientVB::GetAccountInformation function.
It is recommended to send a message typing event for each recipient no more than once every 3 seconds to do not overload the IM server with such unused requests and data.