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IServerClientVBA::GetContactList method

Receives the previously organized array of user contacts of current user (Contact List) stored on the IM server within the list of Organizational Units if available.

Public Sub GetContactList(     ByRef ContactListPtr As Long,     ByRef ResultCode As Long )


[in, out] A pointer to a variable of ContactListStruct type that receives the number of retrieved user contacts and Organizational Units. To retrieve a pointer to a variable use VarPtr() function.
[out] Variable of Long type that gets an extended code if error result is returned. For available codes see Available Extended Codes topic.

Return Value

The function was successful. Check the ResultCode variable to get extended information.
One or more arguments are incorrect.
Some error occurred in the function. Check the ResultCode variable to get extended information on the error.


The received array of user contacts must be retrieved by subsequent call of IServerClientVBA::EnumContactList function.